Where do I get the SharpShot EZ-Trainer phone app?

For Android the app is available for free on the Google Play store. For iPhones the app is available for free on Apple’s App store.  Search for SharpShot EZ-Trainer.  Or, scan the QR code on the website home page.

Where can I place my phone or tablet?

Your phone or tablet may be placed anywhere within Bluetooth range of the SharpShot unit. Potentially up to 100 meters depending on the surroundings

What hit information is reported by the app?

As each shot is made a visual hit indicator is displayed on the virtual target on your phone. In addition, a verbal report is made giving the exact hit location in inches or centimeters.

Can I use my own target?

The SharpShot EZ-Trainer gen 2 can use any target that is cut to fit in the target slot.  In that case, the target displayed in the app is limited to the targets include with the app so won’t match your image.  A future feature will allow for importing images for use in the app.

Can multiple shooters use the system?

While each box can only connect to one phone/tablet at a time the app supports adding and selecting different shooters. The shooter name is stored with the shooting session for later review.

How do I use multiple boxes at once?

Using the Connect page in the app, select and connect to each active box. After that just use the app like normal, but now each box will be used as part of the selected training exercise.

What history data is saved?

Each shooting session can be saved to the app history for later review. When reviewing a visual representation of your target showing all hits is the first page. The second review page includes a list of all hits with their exact hit location and timing of the shot. The shooter name, shooting mode, date and an optional comment are included with the session information.

How far can the box be from my phone?

The SharpShot system uses Bluetooth LE to connect to your phone, so your phone can be as far as Bluetooth lets you be. Bluetooth LE has a specified range of up to 100 meters, but it is likely to vary depending on location of the device and box.