What type of lighting conditions will the SharpShot work with?

The SharpShot EZ-Trainer should work under most normal indoor lighting conditions.  As long as there is not bright direct light on the target the unit should function well.  The power of the laser trainer will also effect the amount of light that can be on the target.  More powerful lasers will work better.

How does the box work with airsoft?

To use an airsoft gun with the target unit select Airsoft for the shot mode in the app. Special target paper is needed when using airsoft.  We hope to eventually provide packets of these targets, but in the meantime you can make your own.

Take a NRA target and spray the back with contact glue.  Press a sheet of regular aluminum foil to the back of the target being sure it is smooth and fully glued down.  Trim the excess and use the target just like a regular target. The foil will make sure the holes punched by the airsoft pellet stay open allowing the box to detect the hit.