SharpShot EZ-Trainer



High-tech system brings the range experience home.

A fun, simple to use, multi-function marksmanship practice system for use with laser dry-fire trainers.
No PC or webcam needed! Wireless via Bluetooth. Keep your phone with you and see your hits displayed in real-time.

Includes one SharpShot EZ-Trainer unit, power adapter, target package (8 targets) and manual.  A tripod is NOT included.  If you want to use the unit with a tripod, be sure to select the tripod mount lug option in the options box below.

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A simple to use marksmanship training system controlled by your phone via Bluetooth.

  • A self-contained training box requiring no other equipment besides an Apple or Android smartphone/tablet and laser training gun (red or green).
  • Internal high-tech mini-computer detects and processes all hits in real-time.
  • Unit sets up and is ready to train with in less than a minute.
  • Place your phone anywhere within Bluetooth range and watch it display and report all the hits on the target in real-time.
  • Use anywhere indoors letting you target practice without spending on ammo or range fees.
  • Exact shot location (in inches or cm), shot order and timing tracked for every hit.
  • Store all your shooting sessions for later review.
  • View statistics on sessions to track performance.
  • Choose from several different training scenarios such as quick draw and shoot/don’t shoot.
  • Connect to and make use of multiple boxes at once for an intense training session.
  • Made in USA of U.S. and Imported Parts of off-the-shelf and 3D printed parts.
  • Optional tripod mounting lug (1/4-20 size).
LASER TRAINER NOT INCLUDED.  Trainer devices are available from a variety of companies such as SIRT, LaserLyte and Laser-Ammo.


Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 11 in
Tripod Mounting Lug

No tripod mount lug, With tripod mount lug (+$8)